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At Dubuque Periodontics, we are firm believers that prevention is the best medicine. A few simple steps taken today can prevent a whole host of costly and painful health problems down the road. If you suffer from gum disease or other oral health problems, we would love to see you regularly for cleaning and prevention.

You do your job

If you’ve been diagnosed and/or treated for gum disease, it is essential that you not only come see us regularly for cleaning and maintenance, but that you establish a strict oral hygiene routine for your best chance of keeping your gum disease under control. Read on for some helpful tips straight from the professionals at Dubuque Periodontics on keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy at home:

  1. Nutrition – Your diet plays a huge part in your oral health; minimize sugar and highly acidic foods and beverages.
  2. Brush – You should brush for two minutes at least twice a day, ideally after eating or drinking. Use an electric toothbrush for the most effective clean (we recommend Sonicare®), and don’t forget to reach all the way to the back, and brush the tongue.
  3. Floss – Flossing is an important step in your oral hygiene routine. You should floss every day, before your nightly brushing to remove plaque between teeth.
  4. Rinse – Rinsing with mouthwash will kill 99% of germs in your mouth that brushing and flossing cannot.
  5. Water – When brushing is not an option, rinsing with water after eating or drinking is a great way to minimize plaque, staining, and decay.

We’ll do ours

Now that you’ve established an effective oral home care routine and made necessary lifestyle adjustments, it’s equally important for you to come see us regularly at Dubuque Periodontics for routine cleanings and maintenance. Only Dr. Fili and his team have the tools and expertise to give you a good deep clean that will keep gum disease at bay. We will give you a gentle yet thorough cleaning to make sure your gum disease is under control to help you avoid the pain and suffering that gum disease left untreated can cause.

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Take control of your gum disease today! If you have any questions about cleaning and prevention, or would like to schedule a cleaning with your Dubuque periodontist – Dr. James Fili at Dubuque Periodontics – give us a call today at (563) 557-7569.

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