OraVu® Visual-SRPSM Periodontal Therapy

Effective gum disease treatment without invasive surgical techniques

If you suffer from gum disease, most dentists will start with scaling and root planing treatment, which is essentially a deep cleaning below the gum line. But how can your dentist see below your gum line? Well, in most cases we can’t, which is why scaling and root planing (SRP) is considered a “blind procedure”. SRP allows us to remove most of the tartar and infectious buildup, but even the most skilled clinicians can’t see everything, which usually means gingival flap surgery will be the next treatment recommended. Thankfully, with our new OraVu Visual-SRP technology, we can treat your gum disease effectively the first time around, no surgery necessary.

Gingival flap surgery? No thanks!

Gingival flap surgery involves cutting the gum tissue into sections and folding the tissue away from the teeth to reveal the gingival pockets. The pockets are then cleaned and sterilized, and the gum tissue is stitched back into place with sutures. At Dubuque Periodontics, we want to help you avoid the need for surgery whenever possible, so we’ve invested in OraVu Visual-SRP technology to help us effectively treat gum disease comfortably and non-invasively.

Scaling Illustration

How does OraVu Visual-SRP work?

OraVuOraVu Visual-SRP uses a micro-endoscope system to shine a light where we couldn’t see before (without cutting back the gum tissue)—below your gum line! First you will be given a local anesthetic to ensure total comfort during the procedure. Once you are numb, Dr. Fili will insert the miniature fiberscope (tiny camera) below the gumline. This tiny technology allows us to see real-time video images within your periodontal pockets that can be magnified up to 100 times! Now we can actually see the infected calculus built up on your tooth roots to ensure 100% of the disease is removed.

Benefits of OraVu Visual-SRP

There are many benefits of this procedure versus your typical SRP and gingival flap surgery treatment methods, including:

  • Provides visualization to an otherwise blind procedure
  • Eliminates the need for invasive surgical techniques
  • Periodontal pockets can be effectively and thoroughly treated the first time
  • Little, if any post-procedure discomfort
  • No cutting or stitches required
  • Virtually eliminates the need for additional SRP treatment or gum surgery
  • Cost is comparable to traditional SRP and much less expensive than gingival flap surgery

Is OraVu Visual-SRP right for you?

Contact your Dubuque periodontist, Dr. James Fili at Dubuque Periodontics today to schedule a consultation. We’ll provide our best recommendations to treat your gum disease with minimally-invasive techniques.

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