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Treat Gum Disease
The PerioProtect™ Way

If you’re dealing with gum disease and prefer a nonsurgical solution (and frankly, who wouldn’t?) Dr. Fili and the Dubuque Periodontics team now offer PerioProtect™, a minimally invasive method of treatment—which means no scraping, no bleeding, and best of all—no surgery!

How does gum disease happen?

Gum disease begins when bacteria multiply and settle into the surfaces of and spaces between teeth. These concentrated areas of bacteria are breeding grounds for a population explosion, forming communities of bacteria called biofilms. Almost as soon as they form, biofilms separate, expand and spread—which can lead to gums that are tender from inflammation and infection (a textbook description of gum disease). Left untreated, gum disease leaves the door wide open for the movement of pathogens into the bloodstream—which has been linked to cancer, kidney and heart disease, stroke, and other systemic health problems.

What are other gum disease treatment options?

Throughout dentistry’s recent history, gum disease has usually been treated with surgery, an invasive treatment intended to get to the source of the problem and eliminate hazardous bacteria. However, the physical cutting process of traditional gum surgery removes healthy tissue along with the unhealthy, creating open wounds that may lead to tooth sensitivity. These open wounds invite harmful bacteria back into the gums, establishing a vicious cycle that can continue indefinitely. Sometimes antibiotics are prescribed to fight bad bacteria, which helps the issue in the short term, but the favorable results may only be temporary. Even deep cleanings (also known as scaling and root planing) involve scraping procedures that are somewhat invasive. Repetitive deep cleanings may also be required, which can prove both uncomfortable and inconvenient for the patient.

How does PerioProtect work?

Treatment starts with Dr. Fili making impressions of your teeth, sending the mold of your bite directly to PerioProtect, which returns a set of their patented PerioTrays™ custom-fabricated for your individual, unique mouth. The trays resemble mouthguards that are designed to deliver peroxide below the gum line where brushing and flossing can’t reach—and the medication remains there, continually fighting further infection.

WHY does PerioProtect work?

The removable PerioProtect trays make treatment simple and convenient. Just by wearing the trays for a few minutes every day, you can improve your oral health, whiten your teeth and freshen your breath while going about your usual daily routine. Since the trays are noninvasive, treatment can be repeated without causing the inconvenience and discomfort of recurrent invasive procedures.

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