Pocket Reduction Treatment

Pocket Reduction Dubuque

Reverse damage caused by gum disease

If you are a patient suffering from advanced gum disease or periodontitis, or have not responded well to treatments like scaling and root planing or LANAP, Dr. James Fili at Dubuque Periodontics may recommend pocket reduction treatment.

What is pocket reduction treatment?

Pocket reduction treatment is also referred to by doctors as osseous surgery or flap surgery. Osseous surgery is usually performed in quadrants, and involves making an incision in the gums to expose areas of infection as well as infected tooth roots. Local anesthetic is used to ensure you won’t feel a thing during the procedure.

Once exposed, Dr. Fili will go in and remove all plaque and tartar build-up, and any areas of infected tissue. He will smooth down uneven or irregular areas of tooth and bone to promote reattachment of the gums. Once cleaned, smoothed, and sterilized, he will use sutures to reattach the gums and promote healthy healing.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of pocket reduction treatment include:

  • Reduced depth of periodontal pockets
  • Removal of infected tissue
  • Stimulate new bone & tissue growth
  • Stop progression of gum disease
  • Helps save teeth
  • Enables more effective home care

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